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Air Max 1 Tiffany Blue


Air Max 1 Tiffany Blue

Handcrafted high limited sneakers inspired by Air Force x Tiffany &Co. and Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie from 1961 with iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. This i my vision designed on my favorite model Air max 1. For this project i used the best quality leathers and materials. Most of the upper is created from Black Italian suede that have beautiful texture. Decorative and heel panels are made from Leather. Swoosh is made from long hair suede in tiffany blue color. Luxury lining from lamb skin, black steel eyelets, rope laces, silver aglets add a touch of elegance and chic. My favorite detail is Embroidered face of Audrey Hepburn on the Italian tiffany blue leather- there will be also embroidered limited number of pair. Additionally these release includes more things in set.

  • Air max 1 Tiffany Blue
  • Special limited Margiello box
  • Margiello flax bag for sneakers
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Poster of UnLegendary Pair with frame.

Handcrafted sneakers process takes about 2 months. In particular, really meticulous attention  is paid to the materials used, the surface and every little detail of the products. that why it takes a time. all things are made by myself and handmade.

Guarantee service for all purchased shoes in my store.
Size- True to size as in Nike Air Max 1
Notice you size in notes before payment


Air Force 1 Retrospective Mindset


Limited edition of Handcrafted sneakers inspired by Carhartt. 5 pairs

Quality and details from Carhartt transformed to Air Force 1 handcrafted sneakers. Created with attention to detail and the best quality material. Whole upper was made from Carhartt clothes. Inspired by Carhartt vintage logo. This concept is kind of tribute to retro soul of Carhartt.

Set include:

-Handcrafted sneaker with certificate

-special Margiello box

-bags for sneakers

-poster, graphic design of this project with frame

-if  You want to order these sneakers with special wooden box let me know before.


Process of handcrafted sneakers takes about 3 months after purchase. Every pair will be one of a kind. Please notice your size

More details you can find in my photo gallery.



(6 customer reviews)

LIMITED 5 PAIRS – Second edition


Process of handcrafted sneakers can takes about 3 months. 

Air max Day 2022 inspired me to create something special. Something that will be response to the most popular release of 2021  and air max day condition. I am big fan of air max 1 and i am disappointed about what nike give us for this anniversary.  That’s why I decided to create this design. 

It is my message to Nike “You should do better “

Handcrafted sneakers inspired by New Balance 2002R refined future pack Rain Cloud 

you can see  a lot of details which are similar like from Future pack.  I use high quality materials and Italian suede and leather. 

This release includes:

  • limited pair of handcrafted sneakers 
  • Two posters A4 with graphic concept of nb and air max day.
  • Special certificate of authenticity 
  • Additional pair of laces
  • Unique custom box referring to air max day 2022 (more info only for lucky customers)

Air max 1 Protection Pack BLACKBERRY

Continuation of my Air Max Protection Pack concept. This time I created colorway inspired by Refined Future Pack 2002r Phantom.

Apart from colorway new things are Embroidered swoosh on the insole and midsole inspired by Phantom. looks really vintage 

For all of my handcrafted sneakers i use only the best quality materials. In this case it was italian suede leather with long hair. The best quality mesh which is similar like in Phantom sneakers.

I used HQ velour for lining and insoles materials. Soft and comfy feeling for foot is something special in this project.

Every sneakers are created from this materials. Time to create handcrafted sneakers takes about 3 months. All things are made only by me.

Set includes:

-Handcrafted numbered sneakers

-Special signed box for shoes

-Signed shoe bag

-certificate of autenticy

Limited Edition of 10 pairs!!!!

Guarantee service for all purchased shoes in my store.

Noticed you size in notes before payment. Process of handcracfted sneakers takes about 2 months.

Air max 1 Squid game

(7 customer reviews)

Handcrafted sneakers inspired by popular Netflix serial Squid Game and Patta Nike Air Max Waves Monarch. Planty of details. Both tongues have embroidered numbers of main characters Gi-hun Seong and Sae-byeok Kang. Upper colorway is taken from Squid Game players uniform. Green denim with white materials and imitation of bloody T-shirt. Instead of mini swoosh I placed geometrical sequence from calling card. At the back of the shoe I put engraved elements from honeycomb candy challange. Mudguard is inspired by the latest Collaboration of Nike and Patta Airmax 1. Inside of the shoes is special insole with information about limitation of this project and number of release. 

In the Squid Game Air Max set also You can find a lot of details. 

  • The Box is inspired by coffin
  • Sack Same as Patta Set with twenty bullet. You can play same game like from one of the Squid game challange.
  • Special certificate in form of picture with honeycomb challange and  notification of release. 

This high quality handcrafted sneakers will be release only for ten person because is limited edition. Inside the shoes on the insole You can find which number of release You have. Only for ten players from all over the world.

Process of shoe making takes about 2-3 months.  

Handcrafted sneakers from high quality materials. 

Denim with materials elements. 

Engraves, embroideries and printed elements.

!!! If You want order this bespoke please note your size in notification. If  you want to put your nickname or name on insoles print also.

Air Max 1 Pink Panther




This bespoke was inspired by Pink Panther mood.

Made from mellow materials imitating  Pink Panther like velour or velvet and also Italian leather.

AM1 Pink Panther have a lot of details like

-Special weed pocket behind the red eyes Pink Panther.

-burnt and hand painted elements,

-emdroidered insoles and baby swoosh.

Whole upper is handcrafted by me. I use the best quality and durable material.

I decided to make limited edition. Only for the first ten customers. Every pairs will be signed from 1-10 and thats all.

Am1 Pink Panther Bespoke include:


-special cartificate

– wooden box with number and customer name

Get a closer look at that!!!