Air Max 1 Wild West

Another bespoke Am1  made for Fan of Wild West and western movies. His girlfriend made him a valentines gift. 

Whole concept is inspired by cowboy lifestyle. Natural brown and beige color of Italian leather with white shiny lining and sneakers soles. High quality of sued and two types of leather makes those shoes are so organic. 

But as you know in my art acting I use a lot of thematic details. Not only  label or special brand logo. Also specific sewing technic  which was popular in “west wild” fashion.


-Whole brand logo and label was burnt by laser machine. I created own concept of graphics. 

  • decorative “cowboy” stitches on the toe box 
  • Leather strap as laces 
  • Decorative leather strap around the heel counter 
  • Aging effects of brown leather 
  • Customized insoles with special engraver

What do you think about finally effect?

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