About bespokes

Someone once said that creating a bespoke is not reconstruction, but doing this better. Why? History of creation of one pair of hand-sewn shoes is a laborious process that results in amazing quality. Aesthetics, durability and comfort obtained thanks to precision, high-quality materials, leather and vision of a designer. Every bespoke is created by two people- me and You. It’s you who set the direction of work and construct visions on your own unique Kicks. If you want to have it, contact me by e-mail.

How it works

Do you have concept for your sneakers or you want to Create it with me? It doesn’t matter

  1. When you decided to use my service ill start with background check ( yours ideas about design, materials, colors, details). If you don’t have any idea how your shoes should looks just tell me more about yourself and I am sure that we find solution too.
  2. After backgroud check ill start with sketches. This process is ended after you accept finally project. Here You can see how looks finally designs for example. 

3. The main part is process of shoe making. It is time to make your design real. On my instagram you can watch short videos how it’s looks like

My Handcrafted Sneakers Set includes:


-Special box

-tagged bags for shoes

-Your sneakers design poster with frame

-Movies with process and profesional photos

-Special certificate


Price for handcrafted sneakers starts from 1200 EUR/USD for all- more details on priv and it depend from projects details. Order is confirm after  payment. You can pay in two installments ( half before and half after)

Payment method

Bank transfer





60-647 POZNAŃ

confirm your size and shipping address

Do You Want to have Your customized pair?